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🚀  Our Vision

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Today, you have many representations of yourself online with each of those identities tied to specific apps. This limits how you can express yourself and the actions you can take. We’re building tools so you can represent yourself however you want, wherever you go.

We’re creating a universal framework for users and apps to exchange data.

✨  Values

There’s a long list of values and traits we try to embody. Here are the hits:

  • We’re kind people. We value emotional intelligence and believe it is a critical but often overlooked part of product development. As a technology company, we recognize that building revolutionary solutions requires not only strong STEM skills, but also a deep empathy for the people who we are solving problems for it.
  • Learning is required. But you’ll never hear us say it. Everyone on our team loves to learn. We’re voraciously curious and never believe we know more than anyone else.
  • We love what we do. We have great work-life balance, but we don’t consider what we do a job.
  • We all wear many hats and own everything we do. The phrase “not my job” isn’t part of our vocabulary.

📍 Location

Our goal is to make places people want to spend their time, whether that’s with the products we build or at the office where we work. We’re currently located in San Francisco but plan on having spaces around the country as we grow.

🤝  Titles

Our goal with titles is simple: describe what you do. If you’re a Community Manager, that’s your title. Full Stack Engineer? That’s what we’ll call you. If you manage people, you’ll append “lead” to your role.

👑  Benefits

Top of the line health, dental, and vision insurance
Maternity/paternity leave
Company off-sites
Expense travel to company HQ
Latest computing devices
PTO when you need it
 Home office stipend
Budget for learning resources: conferences, books, courses

As a young company, we still have a lot to add here. We’re currently working hard to expand this list.

Our Hiring Process

  • We believe in transparency and no bs. We don’t ghost and provide feedback on every round to the best of our ability.
  • We expect you to provide feedback on us. If you think we did something wrong, tell us. We aren’t afraid to reevaluate our decisions if you point out something we missed.
  • We understand that interviews will always be stressful. That’s not bad! If you weren’t at least a little nervous, you’re either way too confident to be a part of our team or you don’t really care that much. We do our best to correct for interview jitters and structure our entire process to generate real signal. Interviewing here should feel like the furthest thing from a college exam.
  • We expect you to interview us. We always dedicate time to answering your questions and realize that the best people for us to work with are the ones we can learn from. It’s a two way street.

🪑 Current Open Positions

Protocol: Rust / C / C++ / Go / JSON-LD / Protobufs / Docker / Kubernetes

Applications: React / Typescript / Python / Kubernetes / REST / GraphQL

👥  Founders


Abhi Vyas | Co-Founder and CEO


Don Walpola | Co-Founder and CTO

🌱  Investors


🗞 Press

Distributed Systems Engineer
Distributed Systems Engineer